Mission at Home is ultimately dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Christ. Our mission statement is simply to 'Preach the Gospel and share the good news!" In addition to that in light of world events lately Mission at Home has begun helping spread the news of global events and working toward sharing the truth of the news in light of overwhelming suppression of any alternative sources. 
With this aspect in mind - the majority of our front page is currently dedicated to re-sourcing news, links and information that is automatically generated from outside sources. The news articles here do not reflect the opinion of us or ultimately our public goals... but are only shared here to help archive and relate them to others. We are not responsible for the content of the articles and we are not funded, supported by or support in any way the sources of these articles. 
If you have questions or concerns about one or more articles presented here or need to request one or more articles are removed please contact us and we will review the request and respond with the request.